We are here to be your advisors. You can count on us, even when you’re not sure what you need.We’re experts in business solutions, and we’re happy to help you get to where you want to be.

We give unique, tailored advice to make your business stand out. The solutions you’ll get from us are anything but typical. Our culture is dynamic, and each of us has different opinions, experience, and ideas. We bring new ideas to your business to make it better. With our CFO Services Packages, you’ll get an experienced CFO that you can call anytime you need help.


CFO Services Packages

Pick from one of the packages below, or work with us on a custom package tailored to your needs. Click here to get started with an initial consultation!





starting at

$2,600 per month 

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Financial Analysis

Direct Line to your CFO




starting at

$4,300 per month

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Financial Analysis

Direct Line to your CFO




starting at

$5,900 per month

Weekly Meetings

Weekly Financial Analysis

Direct Line to your CFO



CFO Services Menu

Below is a list of the CFO services that we offer. Some are general and others are geared toward specific industries or businesses. We can also work with you on custom services to fit your needs.

Startup business consulting, including helping you write a business plan, select a business entity, and form your business.

Budgeting and performance measurement, including helping design benchmarks, measure your company’s performance, and compare to peers and standards. This process can help your business be more efficient, effective, and profitable.

Accounting and finance process review, design, and enhancement for efficiency. This includes looking at what you’re doing, how you could do it better and faster, and helping you implement our recommendations.

Bank financing consulting and negotiation, including putting together a good picture of your performance, discovering options for financing, and putting together a proposal.

Human resources and payroll guidance, review, and consulting, including benefit plan design and review, retirement planning, and help putting together solid processes and procedures.

Risk assessments and internal control design, including helping you identify and implement an appropriate system of internal controls.

Fraud and information security investigations, risk assessments, and consulting, including identifying potential threats, investigating known issues, and internal control testing.

Real estate and investment portfolio management and performance measurement, including benchmarking, budgeting, and analysis of actual results. Cash flow planning helps you maximize your investments and growth. Our portfolio efficiency reviews, analysis, and reporting help you keep risk at a tolerable level while maximizing returns.

Local market and economic analysis to forecast your investment potential and determine the right time to invest and how to go about growing your portfolio.

Cost segregation and 1031 exchange tax strategies, which can help you to maximize tax benefits of real estate holdings.

Business valuation, including valuation of partnership opportunities, closely-held businesses, and other entities, so you know whether it’s the right time to invest, sell, or refinance your holdings.

Pro-forma financial statements to help you understand how an investment might perform, what factors influence profitability, and whether to pursue opportunities.