Jackie Daly






About Me

I have worn many hats. I was a child care provide for over 10 years. I switched careers and while being a personal assistant, found an interest in bookkeeping and accounting. I went back to school at PCC, which I will be finished with my certificate as an accounting clerk by the end of 2017.

After taking care of children, and adults for over a decade, its nice to have a different way to help people. I enjoy problem solving, and keeping things in order. It nice to find another way to help clients and businesses.

When not working, I enjoy doing yoga and riding my bike. I love hosting meals with my husband. We also enjoy watching cartoons with our two cats. We also love to travel. After living abroad in Copenhagen while getting my bachelors, I enjoy going back and visiting. On the weekends, I like going dancing and singing karaoke with friends.